The dream has always been to be behind the cameras, making movies. Film Life was founded with the purpose of getting film cameras and equipment into the hands of young filmmakers. With first-hand experience of breaking into the film industry, the company realised that in order to make the dream of making it big a reality, it would be imperative to purchase their own equipment to enhance individual skills sets to get to the next level of filmmaking.

Film Life provides equipment that most times, are not readily available in Malaysia. We take the risk to explore new and physically unaccessible equipment — in the hopes of providing our filmmakers with better and more diverse options. Every new piece of equipment that passes through the company's doors are carefully tested, analyzed and mastered. By knowing our equipment inside and out, we are able to provide personalised services, suggestions and operation tutorials to assist students and filmmakers of all levels.

We are a hands-on company that lives for the experiences and movie making adventures, whilst doing so with a sense of style. 

"We are filmmakers, and we understand the power and value of making our visions come to life."

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